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The MC CDC was formed in 1999 by a neighborhood coalition in Jersey City, NJ. It is based in the Morris Canal Area of Jersey City — also known as the Lafayette section — just outside of Liberty State Park. The MC CDC has received developer’s designation by the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency for properties in the Morris Canal Redevelopment Area and Jersey City has written the MC CDC into its redevelopment plan.
How We Make Impact

Morris Canal connects the power of people, politics, and housing of communities in Jersey City, NJ.

Social activists can start a social movements and connect supporters in their communities.
Decision makers at the highest levels of government are engaging with their constituents.
Leading organizations are advancing their causes and mobilizing new supporters.
Journalists are sourcing our local stories and covering campaigns and progress for our communities.

We believe in your voice

At the core of the MC CDC’s mission, is a goal to create rent-to-own housing opportunities, while simultaneously addressing affordable home-ownership for the “Workforce” and moderate-income class. At the completion of proposed developments, the MC CDC will ultimately assist families in finding and maintaining affordable housing with nearby retail space to serve the community’s needs.
The MC CDC was formed also plans to aggressively pursue commercial opportunities that will complete and complement the development and revitalization of the community.

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Our values
The MC CDC participates in, and encourages, community development for the community and by the community. Our focus includes but is not limited to quality affordable housing, commercial, economic development, employment, and training.
Make more housing
We focus on advocating and delivering affordable housing in Jersey City.
Create economic justice
We create economic opportunities to achieve community growth.
Be human
We engage with love and sincerity to produce a sustainable community.

Our story

Since 1999 the Morris Canal Community has been fighting to protect its neighbors and families. They fought for Community Empowerment, community gardens and horticultural education, decent affordable housing, job training, economic development, the cleanup of contamination and chromium in the neighborhood, and the building of Lafayette Pool and Berry Lane Park. The Morris Canal Community- a historically black and brown community- continues to be disregarded and disrespected by the very city that represents it.
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Our team

The MC CDC has assembled an experienced and committed Board of Directors, whose donation of time and expertise,
along with our talented group of volunteers, provides an excellent pool of resources for the MC CDC.

June Jones

Exective Director

Erica Walker

Marketing & PR Communications

Akash Ahuja

Executive Assistant

Joseph Raftery


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